Core Value: Sense of Belonging.

A sense of belonging is a cherished core value within our organization. We strive to create an inclusive and welcoming environment where everyone feels valued and accepted. We foster solid connections and cultivate a supportive community, recognizing that when individuals feel a sense of belonging, they can unleash their full potential, collaborate effectively, and contribute meaningfully to our collective success.

The Origins of Gymletics

Meet Our Founder

Our Story

The athleisure brand was founded in 2018 by an Ex-British Army soldier Gold-sun in a garrison town of Tidworth. The experience of serving as a physical instructor in the Army created new perspectives on the importance of having the right clothing for training activities and performance maximisation. Every instructor appreciates the value and importance of having appropriate clothing.

The beginning of Gymletics®

Gymletics® was therefore founded with the primary goal of creating a brand best for outdoor and indoor activities purpose. Gymletics® is continuously evolving and improving its clothing and consumer-based services. Its clothing boasts of sustainability, innovation, style, comfort and performance maximisation. The company is committed to using the finest material that meets the need for longevity and performance excellence.

Gymletics embodies the comforting embrace of knowing that you are an integral part of a fitness community or group, where your presence is valued, your voice is heard, and your unique fitness journey is celebrated. It's the profound feeling of being at home among like-minded individuals who truly understand and accept you for your dedication to health and wellness.

Founder and CEO