Our World Is Important For Us All.

Environmental Responsibility. 


The Clothing business plays a substantial role in the global economy, with estimated annual revenues above £1 trillion. Such high revenue comes with environmental costs that damage the environment. This leads to problems such as the rapid increase in damaging plastic microfibres from polyester fabrics and artificial suede making their way into ocean ecosystems.

Gymletics Limited is responsible for minimising its carbon footprint. It has dedicated its business to approaching the environment in a thriving and sustainable way, using processes such as recycled polyester and GOTS-certified organic cotton. Our suppliers meet the Standards Certifications of sustainability, including Global Recycle Standard and GOTS certification.

How we minimise waste (pre- and post-consumer)

Gymletics is multi-functional, durable apparel designed with fewer materials to last more than one season. The design team works with suppliers during manufacturing to maximise material use and have zero-waste design products.

How we reduce chemical input and impacts

We carefully select the right materials that utilise fewer chemicals from raw materials. Substances of concern are released in the landfill during incineration. Throughout its practices, Gymletics is guided by policies for Restricted Substances List (RSL) that consider health impacts on workers and consumers.

For the end of life management

Materials that are used for our apparel are 100% recyclable. Blends that cannot be separated are avoided. Our processes incorporate repairable, replaceable or upgradeable features to maximise the durability and longevity of apparel.

How we utilise innovation and clean technology

Our suppliers and manufacturers use materials that are produced with closed-loop. Products are designed so that their components can be recycled as technical parts (e.g. metal zippers and plastic buttons of clothes).