About the brand



Hello, I am Gold-sun Mhizha, founder of GYMLETICS®. I am Ex-soldier who have served in the British Army for nine years. During this time, I experienced some challenging times but found full support as a soldier and felt belonging. While this time has passed, the memories associated with it are still fresh and are part of me even in civilian life. 

You might be wondering why I decided to establish a brand by the name of GYMLETICS®. The brand name is the combination of GYM and Athletics. Tidworth, in the United Kingdom, is where you can trace the origins of GYMLETICS®.

The brand was founded in 2017 in a garrison town of Tidworth, having served in the British Army as an infantryman and physical instructor I felt the need of creating apparel that specialises in athleisure which is suitable for outdoor, indoor training and casual occasions with the cutting-edge designs.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to inspire everyday people to achieve exceptional achievements, through tenacity, hard work and inspiration. We believe that our brand can be the backbone of a successful lifestyle due to our innovative designs and continuous innovation and the roots of the brand.

We further believe that we can partially fulfil this mission by pledging 3% of our sales to those lives have been affected while serving in the United Kingdom Armed Forces and their families. This will be donated through Help for Heroes the leading charity for military veterans.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become one of the leading brands in the apparel industry through our competitive products and excellent customer service. GYMLETICS® is apparel that withstands the core challenges of the day-to-day exercise of physical training yet fashionable and stylish.

We are committed to using the best garment that meets the need for longevity and performance excellence. Our products involve sustainability innovation, stylish and more importantly, performance. We aim to produce products that are designed for endurance and performance, equipping athletes with the right kit and unlocking their potential.

Our critical aspect is to build a relationship with athletes and understand what they are passionate about and how we can help them to attain their fundamental goals. Providing them with apparel that is best for the ‘the job’, comfortable, adaptable and protects them against the elements of all exercises.

More importantly, bringing athletes together despite the cultural diversity and ethnic background. Feeling valued and being one family. GYMLETICS® it is all about tenacity and the will to get things done. We do not only create unique apparel, but we bring athletes together.